Fluffy Muslin Bundle - White - Blanket, Bibs and Washcloths

Fluffy Muslin Bundle - White - Blanket, Bibs and Washcloths

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100% Organic Cotton Muslin

This is the best available. Luxurious, soft and breathable, the fabric continues to get softer the more you wash it.

These are 6-layers of organic cotton muslin.



These be used as a swaddle in cooler months, but otherwise best suited as a lightweight blanket or a towel. It can also be used as a play mat, burp cloth, full bib, for toddling, reusable napkins/wipes, picnic blanket etc.



2 Bibs:

They keep baby's clothes and skin dry from spills, teething and drooling. The bibs come with 2 adjustable snaps so they can fit bub’s neck comfortably. Can be used double sided.


2 Washcloths:

The size of each washcloth makes bathing and clean ups quick, gentle, and easy. They can be used as a burp cloth, baby bib, extra soft napkin, face towel, washcloth.  The fabric and layer assist in high absorption, and they dry very quickly.


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