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Bub and Bear was started by the wonderful Naina in 2020 when she had her first baby and became passionate about having high quality, cotton muslin products for her child.

In 2022, my baby Teddy was born and I stumbled across Bub & Bear during one of my pregnancy insomnia scrolls through Instagram and loved what I saw! I ordered almost everything on the site and when the products arrived I loved that they were beautifully soft, had cute designs and there was no excessive packaging – we were receiving so many deliveries at home and it was shocking to see how much waste was created from just the packaging used on the products. Once Teddy arrived and we started using them, our Bub & Bear products very quickly became a staple in our household.

When Teddy was three months old the opportunity to take over Bub & Bear occurred with Naina moving overseas and something in my sleep deprived brain made me enquire about purchasing it. It seemed like from the get go so many things clicked. My love for the products was there as a customer, the name had bear in it – the same as my little Teddy – and I developed a strong rapport with Naina as we went through the purchasing process. It was a quick turnaround, all done within 10 days and even though Teddy was very young and I was still figuring things out as a new mum, I just knew it was right for us.

I am a High School Commerce Teacher and absolutely love my job! Owning a business while on maternity leave was not really in my plans, but it has been exciting to be able to practice some of what I preach to my students - determination, seizing opportunity, passion for my product and giving back to the community. Teddy was born early via emergency caesarean due to complications with my placenta and having Type-2 diabetes. He spent his first few days in NICU at Auckland Hospital and it was extremely heart-breaking for his Dad and I to watch him battle through his complications. The Doctors and particularly his Nurses did an amazing job at keeping Teddy comfortable and well looked after and he is now a bright and thriving baby. Businesses being able to give back to the community is an important function I have drilled in to my students and I am pleased that Bub & Bear has had a history of supporting the Starship Foundation. We as parents learnt that nothing is more important than quality hospital resourcing and comfort for our baby when he was unwell and by continuing to donate a portion of proceeds from every sale to Starship, we as the Bub & Bear community are able to help other families going through that terrible time.

My goal with Bub & Bear is to help mumma and papa bears provide only the best for their children, with high quality baby products. I can’t wait to grow Bub & Bear and watch it evolve as my own motherhood journey develops. I hope you enjoy the products and look forward to seeing you engage with them on our social media platforms. The Bub & Bear community has proven to be extremely supportive of us so far and it is so lovely to see all our little bears grow and thrive as they use the Bub & Bear products.

Bear hugs,  Shiv & Teddy


 How Bub & Bear started – Naina’s story

Being a first-time mum, I wanted to do everything right, and give my baby the best I could.

I however had never really been around any other babies and didn't know anything about them! 

I had seen photos of new-born babies wrapped like burritos and thought they looked cute, but didn't give it much thought.

During her visit, my mother brought me a basket of organic baby products. All natural and time-tested. 

I was hooked.

The organic cotton muslin products were beautiful, soft and breathable.

I felt a sense of pride when I wrapped my baby in one of the swaddle sheets.

She was cosy and comfortable - and she looked adorable!

After a bath, I would pat her dry with a thicker muslin washcloth.

After a feed when she wouldn't burp, I would throw one of the burp cloths over my shoulder and walk up and down my living room, gently patting her, till I heard that melodious sound (its crazy how a burp becomes music to our ears - no one enjoys trapped gas!)

I would throw one of the sheets on to the carpet when it was tummy time or play time or story time or look-at-yourself-in-the-mirror time or try-sitting-or-standing-with-assistance time.

When she fell asleep on me, I would drape the sheet on her.

When we went out for a walk with her in the stroller, and the sun was in her eyes, I used it to protect her.

When we were out and I needed to nurse, but felt insecure, I used it to protect myself.

I am absolutely passionate about my products and know the value they bring to a mama or papa, and their bub.

If you're here looking for muslin swaddle sheets for your baby - you're doing an amazing job mama and papa. Lucky baby!

If you are here to buy something special for a mama and baby - how amazing are you!


I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do <3