What is Muslin?

Muslin is an extremely fine and loosely-woven cotton fabric. Based on its size, weight, finish, colour etc., there are many different types of muslin cloth.

One of the earliest cotton cloths, muslin cloth, was handwoven in India and became extremely popular in trade with European countries. Over the years, Muslin has become a much-loved fabric owing to its gentle, light and pure feeling and texture.

It’s important to understand that your bub’s skin is far more delicate and sensitive than your own. Their skin barrier is thinner than an adult’s, which makes it harder for them adapt easily to temperature changes. Their skin also loses moisture twice as fast and can thus easily become dry and flaky. Their innocent skin therefore deserves the best care and the gentlest of fabrics. Here are some of the reasons why muslin is one of our top choices for baby:

  1. Owing to its open weave, muslin is an extraordinarily light & breathable fabric that helps keep your baby snug & warm, but at the same time allows air to flow freely, preventing any chance of overheating. This is why muslin fabric is the safest choice for baby blankets and baby swaddles.
  2. Muslin fabrics are oh-so-soft on your baby’s delicate skin, leaving your little one feeling cozy, pampered and in a state of pure bliss! Bub & Bear Swaddle Sheets are made from 100% Organic Cotton Muslin, for the gentlest care and comfort.
  3. Muslin is also a flexible fabric and gently stretches to take the shape of your baby for maximum comfort. Your baby will sleep longer & better when wrapped cozily in a muslin swaddle blanket,
  4. It is an extremely durable fabric and gets softer each time you wash it.
  5. Organic muslin fabrics are free from chemicals and harmful substances, making them 100% safe for your baby’s skin, sustainable and kind on our environment as well.
  6. Muslin cloths can be used and repurposed in a variety of different ways. (Check our ‘What can I do with it?’ section)